David Quinn


Equipment: Fender’52’ Telecaster, Fender Stratocastor,HiWatt Combo, Boss GT-100 Effects Unit, TU-2, OD-3, PS-5, Dunlop Talk Box, E-Bow, Gibson #57 Les Paul Influences: Bruce Springsteen, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, BB King, Slash, Angus Young Favourite Album: Pink Floyd – The Wall, Bruce Springsteen – Live In New York City, AC/DC – Back In Black Favourite Meal: Italian Favourite Movie: Unforgiven, The Godfather, No Country For Old Men Favourite Book: Biographies Favourite Place: The Stage Best Gig Attended: Bruce Springsteen, RDS 2003 If Not In A Band What Else Would You Be Doing: God Only Knows