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Gigs, Local Election and Victory Lap 2019

The local elections got the unique “Transmitter makeover” when we ran a campaign with our Mé Féin Party manifesto. We got quite a bit of coverage and reaction from media and voters alike. You can check back on the craic on our Facebook page. 

Following on from that, we circled County Laois with a “Victory Lap Tour” that took in Lennon’s Venue, Durrow for the Champions League Final night where we brought in the big show for the occasion, a Bank Holiday Sunday cracker in the Forge Venue @ The Anvil Inn, Portarlington (a fantastic new venue) and our traditional Bank Holiday Monday shenanigans in Kavanagh’s Courtyard.

Our second gig in Kavanagh’s in June nearly cost us our livelihoods as a freak rainstorm (the kind you read about in the newspapers when there’s a disaster somewhere in the Pacific) hit just after soundcheck. Water poured into the venue at an alarming rate and only for one of us being in the green room stacking flight cases, all would’ve been lost. Luckily, with the help of the staff (and a lot of mops and towels) we managed to keep the show on the road, albeit a little later than advertised. 

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