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A Day @ Windmill Lane

Oh my God..........

A band.

A studio.

A crew.

Lights. Sound. Music...................

We had a fantastic experience working on the Live Performance Support Scheme in Windmill Lane Studios this weekend. Huge congrats to the Wedding Band Association for their work in securing the funding for this project and for having us on board. The scheme is funded by the Dept. of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports & Media under Minister Catherine Martin.

Hopefully it's the first step towards a return to music events and live entertainment in the near future. If it proves anything, it's that this can be done with a little ambition and creativity on the part of those involved.

Big love to the incredible team at Screentime Shinawil who captured the performance, which we'll be uploading here very soon.

Now, let's finally aim towards our re-opening.

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